O-Flash F155 Ring Light


Τιμή: 40.00


This O-Flash turns the light from your hot shoe flash into around the lens circle ring light. Producing a circular ring light, it is great for eliminating shadows. With the light position being wrapped around the lens it is especially useful for macro and close up photography.

Installation is simple - tighten the adjustable Velcro mount around your flash head like in the pictures above.

Since the flash relies on the light from your hot shoe flash, all TTL functions of your hot shoe flash operate as normal. It contains no electronics or cables too. The distribution of light is accomplished through a system of internal reflectors and light shapers that distributes the light evenly around the lens.


  • O-Flash F155 Ring Light Adapter;
  • Model Number: F155;
  • Distance between lens center to flash head center: 155 mm;
  • Tested working flash and camera combinations:
    • Nikon SB800 with D80/D50;
    • Nikon SB600 with D70/D300/D200;
    • Canon 430EX/430EX II with Digital rebel XT/XTi/300D/350D/400D/450D/1000D;
  • With adjustable Velcro flash mount;
  • Outer diameter: 190 mm;
  • Inner diameter: 109 mm
  • Made of solid plastic;